• The Emperor’s New Clothes, Conservative Edition

    Posted on March 5, 2009 by Lene Johansen in Blog.

    Jonathan KrohnJonathan Krohn is the 14-year old darling of the conservative media. His 2 minute appearance on CPAC landed him repeatedly on Fox News and all over the talk show circuit, but my buddy Jeremy Lott has a less charitable view of the conservative movement’s child prodigy in the review of Krohn’s book in American Spectator.

    This reviewer wishes him good luck with that and hopes that he never, ever gets the itch to write another book. Define Conservatism is terrible. It’s not simply that the book is riddled with typos (though it is) or that it’s shallow and awkwardly phrased that annoys so. There’s also anger at the parents for allowing this book to be published at all. One of the things that good parents ought to do is keep their charges from embarrassing themselves this badly.

    It would be cruel to quote this book at great length but here is the first paragraph of Krohn’s second chapter: “Now that we have finished our discussion of old school conservatism and the constitution, let’s move on to the next major aspect of the conservative belief system: the life issue. The life issue is near and dear to all conservatives. Does not life keep all of us alive? If it wasn’t for life would we not surely be dead? Conservatives believe that life is something that everyone should have.”

    The conservative movement is full of cerebral white young men who do little more than state the obvious. In a city that needs to feed the 24/7 live broadcast monster, I guess that might be a good thing, but it does not do anything for the “leave us alone” coalition of citizens that want a smaller, more manageable federal government.

    I share Lott’s view on the Krohn phenomena. I thought I was pretty profound when I was 14 as well, and my parent’s did the best they could to disabuse me of this view. Now that time has lent me perspective and maturity, I am very thankful they protected me from myself.

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  1. @MatthewGagnon I with you on Krohn Matt! Some people have retained their critical thinking though… http://is.gd/lXGS #tcot