• Cuban cuisine

    Posted on November 7, 2012 by Lene Johansen in Store Norske Leksikon.
    Cuban sandwich

    The Cuban sandwich is probably the most famous Cuban dish outside of Cuba. Roasted pork, ham, pickled cucumber, and spicy mustard in toasted baguettes creates a juicy sandwich with tons of crunch and tang.

    The section on food and cuisine in Store Norske Leksikon is new. The editor and the subject matter experts are wrestling with how to find an encyclopedia space between the blogs and the cook books.  How do we prevent going one place or the other. I have read a ton of anthropological texts of various cuisines lately. It is useful to understand how history, economics, and the environment influence what we eat and how we eat it.

    I am in charge of North-American cuisine in the encyclopedia, and North-America is so much more than the U.S. Thus I started on anthropological articles about each country’s cuisine. Cuba was first out, and I think I will tackle Greenland next. As always, the entries in Store Norske Leksikon is written in Norwegian.