• White blanket of snow in the Midwest

    Posted on December 3, 2006 by Lene Johansen in Blog.

    Friday morning was almost painfully bright and sunny after the last few days of overcast sky that shrouded the world in muted grays. The powdery snow outside my building was up to my knees, and the entire world was covered in an untouched blanket of white.

    As I made my way to the one set of tire tracks that was leading out of my subdivision, I was careful to keep the snow out of my high boots. It was cold, but I was quite toasty in my double layers of wool knits and sheepskin covered boots.

    It was a bit lonely in the world that Friday, most people was still holed up in their houses, and would not come out until the sun was at its highest around noon. Jimmy was shoveling snow outside his restaurant, one of the few in our area that was open the day after the storm. Cari was at the Dry Cleaners; she just had to cross the street to open up the Dry Cleaner and the Laundromat. She offered me crème filled chocolate covered Krispy Kreme donuts and we chatted about the days happenings so far.

    The world woke up about noon, and people started pouring out of their houses and into the snow covered streets. People were out walking and chatting to their neighbors while they dug out their cars. A few daring, but stupid souls tried their 4-wheel drive on, but it was slow going, few dared venture over 15 miles an hour.

    The storm slowed down the busy bustling pre-holiday Midwest for a few days. Neighbors that hadn’t met before got introduced and involved in each others lives. Neighbors that did know each other got reconnected after a busy fall out of touch. It was a nice reminder about what is important in a community.

    As a Norwegian calendar I got for Yule last year said “Snow flakes are the frailest creations, but see what they can achieve when they stick together!”

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