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  1. James says:

    We can’t afford to ignore crop genetic engineering in food production. Statistics show that more and more farmers are embracing genetically modified crops. There must be a very good reason why these farmers are preferring GM crops in place of the organic ones. On my blog (http://www.gmoafrica.org/)I have argued that farmers should be left alone to plant crops of their choice. People say biotech corporation are forcing farmers to plant genetically modified crops. I think this is force. I have not heard of one case of Monsanto or any other biotech company forcing farmers to buy their seeds. Let’s be sober in this debate. Let’s give farmers accurate information about genetically modified crops. On the same breath, let’s be tolerant to those farmers who want to plant organic crops. After all, we are only concerned with putting food on the tables of the hungry in especially poor parts of the world such as Africa and Asia.

  2. BB says:

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